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Death to Dish Network – Birth to Cloud TV –

As I am constantly looking to reduce the electrical power consumption in my house to help on the quest of leveraging GREEN Power… the Dish Network DVRs (two of them) in my home were next on the list to see how I could get the television content I want without having to power the devices on 24 /7.    It is also a motive to $ave GREEN by not having a Dish Network bill. ($75) 🙂
A little background for those that are reading this post for the first time: I’ve recently installed solar panels, a wind turbine, and battery system that partially augments my power bill by segmenting the lower power consumption circuits in my home to a “green” circuit breaker.  Things like my A/C, Dryer, Microwave, Refrigerator, etc still remain on the “grid”.   As I learn more about what excess capacity I have, I will move more electrical circuits (in the circuit breaker) to the independent  GREEN Power Circuit Break.. and / or expand the system.  It is also notable that I am replacing higher power consuming devices (Power Monsters) … (ie inefficient TV’s, computers, lights) …

In this post we will learn how we addressed a TV / entertainment system with Green Power.
Did you know a Plasma TV may look nice, but it is horrendous with the amount of electricity it uses in caparison to a modern LED TV?
TV off the grid

Watching TV off the Grid

Before I go on with what I’ve done to GREEN my TV, let me be “Direct” about TV ….. let’s talk a little about how Satellite TV is a dead end business model.  If you’re satisfied with forced content without instantaneous two-way internet, then satellite TV was made for you.   The insolvable problem with satellite TV is the relay satellite is 24,000 miles in space with a 1/4 sec uplink delay and a 1/4 second downlink delay.

The future of internet TV does NOT include satellite, or at least not how we know it today.  Hello Cloud TV!

Prediction you say?  In 3 Years Satellite TV will be Dead!  Will satellite TV be dead in 3 years?  Will it still be broadcasting, probably so.  But the double-dipping of commercials and pay for reception is likely to be on the way out.  Why people are leaving pay satellite TV: Subscriptions have continually risen for satellite TV.  The companies are now touting the DVR features and accessibility more so than the channels. Have you asked yourself why? It is because more people are turning to internet based TV.

The advantages of internet based TV is simple. Right now there are no subscription prices, all you need to do is get the software and install it. The channels are free. There are more channels available to internet TV watchers than there are to any single satellite subscriber. Will they charge for subscriptions or content in the internet? There will be charges for content and particular programming. Your pay-per-view type channels will remain that way, but you are likely to never have to pay for the “regular” channels you now pay for.The evolution of TV. TV started out as a simple broadcast signal with one, then two then three or four channels for what seemed forever. Now there are channels covering thousands of topics and areas. There is almost no subject that you cannot find a TV channel for – which is quite amazing.Right before TV started going to cable, several local TV channels started broadcasting on UHF usually in your larger to mid-sized markets. This was the birth of a lot of local shows. This was the same time that PBS stations started popping up all over.Cable TV was not far behind and this opened the door to even more channels. The ideas for the types of shows just grew and grew. It was not long until there were 100’s of channels. When technology advanced, Satellite TV came along for the regular household. Satellite became major competition for cable and offered more channels for the same price.Satellite and cable started diversifying into other areas, internet, phone service, etc. They both offer DVR or digital video recording so you can pause live TV or just record like the old VCR. Many people are now spoiled by the DVR and will not even watch a show “live” any more so they can skip all the commercials.Speaking of commercials: Commercials always been the main source of income for broadcasters, whether the signal is based on radio waves, cable, or satellite signal. It made sense that cable and satellite charge for movie channels and pay-per-view, but they have long enjoyed “double dipping” by charging to watch commercial television.Savvy internet techies figured out a way to capture almost all the satellite signals from all around the world and give them to you for free. The only problem is, a regular computer cannot receive the signal without special software. The software used to be quite pricey, at around $200 a pop. Now you can find it for less than $50, and sometimes even on sale for less.We all need to watch our budgets. With the economy being bad, and everyone having to pinch pennies, internet TV has been growing leaps and bounds. With people flocking to this service, satellite TV and Cable, as we know it will be gone. They will still exist, but three years from now, they will likely be costing a lot less, or they will be losing subscribers.It is a good idea to cut your monthly budget by going to internet TV instead of paying for expensive satellite TV every month.I chose to upgrade my system to a Sony 46″ LED Google TV.  I used to have a Power Monster of a Plasma TV.  I chose this TV partly because the energy efficiency of the TV is superb and it makes for a great fit to power it with my Solar panels and Wind Turbine system installed on my tvThere are many opinions on where Google TV will go.   I have used it for 3 months now (off the grid) and I have been pleasantly surprised at the content I can get, Quality of 1080p shows I get from the over the air antenna, and knowing that they will be releasing the android (like your cell phone) market place to it this fall.. I’m very optimistic. Regardless if it is Google TV or not though, “cloud TV” is coming and there is no stopping it.What is cloud TV?  It’s simply being able to watch your content streaming over the internet, with the files that you are watching stored at some other location like how Netflix streaming works versus what you record directly on your DVR.   To put it more in perspective, for those that have a modern phone like an android or apple (if you dont, get one already!)  🙂 The google TV system will have applications that you search and will download and run on your TV, very similar how you install on your phone.  So think of it like this.. if you wanted the NFL package, you don’t contact Dish or Direct, or even your local cable subscriber.. you download the application and potentially a pay a single fee for the season.  When it’s game time, you start the application and you will not only have your game in 1080p HD and hifi sound, you will have interactive options and seeing stats of only things you want to.. like your favorite player.   I think you get the idea.So as mentioned prior, I canceled my Dish Network and removed and sent back the 24/7 Dish Network DVR’s (Power Monsters), not to mentioned the $75 dollars saved each month.

When i first installed the Sony Google TV I was being overly cautious of how long I would watch and would limit myself to an hour a night.  Now that I’ve realized I can nearly watch as long as I want and it hardly impacts my battery supply on the house…It has been amazing!  I set the Sony TV to a mode they enabled called ECO and has kept the power consumption extremely low while still have a superb picture and entertainment experience.

Full disclaimer – I do continue to have a Netflix streaming account that I can use through the google TV.  I also bought a Netgear device that lets me direct a wireless display from my laptop screen to my Sony Google HDTV.  With this I can watch some of the content that is blocked on Google TV now (Hulu for example)

Watch the content you want, save money, high quality, and be GREEN.

The Sony LED Google TV gets the seal of approval!


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Up and coming GREEN!:  So you know about our quest to reduce the power bills.  What you might not know is this fall we will start a separate project to leverage the GREEN Power from the house to charge a electric vehicle (EV). Good bye  $4 dollars a gallon!  Stay tuned. Stay GREEN.

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PS – Did you know?:  The federal Tax Code (HR-1424) is offering, through 2016, a 30% Tax Credit on batteries, panels, wiring, and installation costs associated with a GREEN Power purchase.


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  1. Guy says:

    I still use Dish Network because my wife and I are SF addicts and follow a lot of live TV shows. But to reduce power, I programmed the DVR to do it’s nightly download of programming data at 1:00am, and then put it on a timer that turns off the the whole entertainment system at 1:30am until 6:00pm. I can easily override the timer if I want to watch daytime programming if needed. But this reduces the entertainment system power dramatically!

  2. I had a 32″ LCD, I don’t actually like the look of a Plasma and hate the energy usage. When my 32″ broke and wasn’t fixable I purchased a 37″ Vizio that is energy star compliant. The only thing I hate about it is the LED logo has to be lit at all times…why can’t they turn this off? I know what type of TV I have, I don’t need to see it in the middle of the night when I go to the kitchen for a drink lol. Anyways, I love your article and have been considering switching to internet TV. This gave me much more confidence to finally make the switch. I pay so much for cable / satellite and primarily watch Netflix anyways, so it seems such a waste. Thanks for the great read.

    • Liz, thank you for your feedback and sharing! Keep us posted if you make the switch to internet TV please. I know in these financial times any savings is good 🙂 I can relate to the LED logo, Sony has the same “feature” but they did build in to where you can turn it off now in a “power saving mode” Your friends at

  3. Robert says:

    I’ve been thinking about trying the google tv out and this is enough to get me to go to best buy this afternoon. Thanks, I think – Bob

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