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Did you know your workout energy adds up?

A typical 30-minute workout produces 50 watt hours of clean, GREEN Power Electricity.  That’s enough to run the following devices!

Some of my friends and I go to a traditional Gym (yes, YMCA) and as we have a common interest in GREEN Power, the thought came to mind… why couldn’t this turn healthy kinetic motion into carbon-neutral GREEN goodness?

So the bad news is we didn’t design and build this workout equipment.  😉  But we are always willing to help promote GREEN businesses that seem to truly show promise.. and ReRev.com has done that.  A special thanks to Stephanie for bringing this to our attention!

A little about ReREV.com

At ReRev™, we are retrofitting gym equipment to make alternative energy in a safe, fun, carbon-neutral and healthy manner. The kinetic motion of aerobic exercise is captured in an efficient and cost effective way to convert otherwise wasted energy into productive renewable energy that feeds back into the building’s electrical system.





Your facility could be ideal for the ReRev™ system based on the number and types of machines in your location. Your center’s workout volume, combined with the amount of equipment, will produce significant amounts of utility grade electricity — allowing members to participate in the production of renewable energy.

A growing number of American gyms are connecting their exercise machines to the power grid.
University campuses and exercise clubs are making use of new green technology which allows the momentum from running and walking machines to be converted into voltage.
The amount of power produced by these human hamsters is small but supporters say it is a valuable educational device.
Displays on each machine show every watt generated by a workout.

Most other exercise machines use alternators, which are better suited to charging batteries, as they do in cars.
ReRev.com estimates that a typical 30-minute workout on one machine generates enough electricity to run a laptop computer for an hour, or a compact fluorescent light bulb for 2 1/2 hours.
In a GREEN power technology development that some have compared to the advent of electric cars.

His company is in talks with major US gym chains, which Mr Harr said could “essentially be giant GE turbines”.
He said: “There are over 30,000 health clubs in the US. If you could figure each one producing electricity will take one house off the grid, that is 30,000 houses off the grid.”
The University of Oregon, one of a dozen organisations that has rigged up exercisers to the grid, has converted 20 Precor elliptical machines in its student recreational centre to generate electricity.
The power from each machine – a stationary contraption used to stimulate walking or running – goes through a converter that turns DC into AC current before it flows into the grid.

The process is hardly a huge power provider. The university estimates that it would take 3,000 people a day on the 20 machines to generate 6,000 kilowatt hours a year, sufficient to power a single energy efficient house.
“We’re not going to get off Middle Eastern oil by connecting up all the ellipticals all over the country,” said Steve Mital, the university’s director of sustainability.
“We bought it and installed it mostly because it’s an educational opportunity. People will be on those things sweating away and it gets them thinking.”
The university split the $14,000 (9,200) cost of installing the technology with the local electricity provider.

Many Universities are now leveraging this GREEN Power!


So my GREEN friends, when will this go mainstream?  I know we want them for our WhyGREENPower.org house to help charge the batteries… you know, sometimes Solar and Wind just isn’t enough 🙂

ReRev.com, we at WhyGREENPower.org wish you the best!  

Let us know if we can assist you in any way.


A little about us:

WhyGREENPower.org is on a quest to see how far we can push the limits of GREEN Power & technology on a residential home and we ask for your support.  We are a nonprofit & not trying to sell you anything.  We are simply trying to share what we learn about GREEN Power for all to leverage Help us get the word out?  At a minimum, if you wouldn’t mind “following”, forwarding & supporting WhyGREENPower.org on your favorite Social Network, that would be GREATLY appreciated!

What is this all about?:  WhyGREENPower.org shares GREEN alternative energy solutions like solar, wind and other technology to help towards independence from power bills & fuel costs… and even transportation costs.

Who?:  A group of industry GREEN experts have offered their assistance to show that GREEN Power is not onlygood for the earth, but your pocket book as well!

What?:  One of our first projects is to track the progress of one residential home for 12 months to see how far we can takeGREEN Power.  In the first month a savings of 41% was obtained on the first power bill. We will continue to track the progress and share what is learned along the way as we continue to make enhancements and leverage technology.  Did we mention the ROI including all incentives right now is less than 3 years.  Now it’s on to solve for the other 59%!  J

Are we selling anything?:  Simply. No.  Only advocating GREEN Power and sharing what we learn.

Up and coming GREEN!:  So you know about our quest to reduce the power bills.  What you might not know is this fall we will start a separate project to leverage the GREEN Power from the house to charge a electric vehicle (EV). Good bye  $4 dollars a gallon!  Stay tuned. Stay GREEN.

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Let’s share, learn, and promote GREEN Power!

Your friends at WhyGREENPower.org,

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PS – Did you know?:  The federal Tax Code (HR-1424) is offering, through 2016, a 30% Tax Credit on batteries, panels, wiring, and installation costs associated with a GREEN Power purchase. 

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