GREEN Power Initiative Encourages Ukrainians to learn about Energy Efficiency

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From the big city of Kiev, to the resort town of Yevpatoria, the Ukrainian public is learning about the importance of energy efficiency through videos, billboards and events coordinated by the Alliance. As part of the U.S. Agency for International Development’s Municipal Heating Reform (MHR) Project, the information campaign uses dynamic educational materials to stress the importance of saving energy in Ukrainians’ daily lives. 


MHR materials and events specifically encourage citizens to save energy in their apartments and common areas, thus reducing heating consumption in their own homes. The information campaign also educates the youth and promotes programs that implement low-cost, energy-saving methods.

Billboards Bring Energy Efficiency to City Streets

Over 1,000 billboards graced Ukrainian city streets starting in January 2010 with energy-saving tips and facts about national fuel dependency (see poster slideshow on the right).

The billboards cited startling statistics; for example, Ukraine consumes as much energy resources as the United States, Japan and Russia, but produces a dozen times less goods.

Information Campaign Continues: Condominium Conservation

New billboards continue to blanket Ukraine, but now they’re promoting condominium development (see poster on the left).
The billboards draw attention to “thermal modernization,” which is the new, hip and efficient way to manage heat in Ukraine. Plastered around cities, the posters encourage an entire-building approach to thermal insulation and heat maintenance to ensure a more effective, long-lasting and equal distribution of comfortable heat levels for apartments.

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Television Audiences Received Energy-Saving Tips

A series of Public Service Announcements (PSAs) aired on local and national channels in Ukraine giving tips and encouraging energy savings. Most of these ads used humor to get their point across. For example, one ad showed a Ukrainian man trying warm up with a hair dryer. The ad teaches Ukranians that there are better ways to stay warm: shutting doors in common areas keeps heat inside and doesn’t waste energy (see video on the right, in Ukrainian).

Six energy-saving messages were featured on the PSAs, which circulated in February and March 2010. While the tips and statistics varied, every video ended with the MHR logo and the important message to “Save Heat – Save Ukraine.”


Celebrities Show Support at MHR Events

Famous singer and environmental advocate Alyosha endorsed the MHR information campaign and sang at a concert event “Teplo Ukraine” on March 19, 2011 (see picture on the left). In addition to performing, Ukrainian showbiz stars, like Alyosha, shared personal experiences about conserving heat in their homes.

Celebrities at the events have included Alibi, Vasyl Bondarchuk, Katia Buzhynska, Para Normalnykh, Pavlo Zibrov, Max Barskykh, Lyuba Fomenko and XL Deluxe. And the stars became champions of saving heat in Ukraine, as CDs were released with advice from campaign frontliner Alyosha about energy-efficient consumption.

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