The GREEN, the bad & the ugly – June 2011 Power Bill

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The second full month GREEN Power bill

This is my second full month GREEN Power bill (June 2011) since installing a Wind Turbine and Solar Panel GREEN Power solution on my home.

Thanks again to all of those who have been so supportive and encouraging with this fun, exciting, and educational GREEN Power Quest!

My first month I $ Saved 41% $ on my Green Power bill!  Read on to see how I did in June 2011.

A little background for those that are reading this post for the first time:

The system partially augments my power bill by segmenting the lower power consumption circuits in my home. Things like my A/C, Dryer, Microwave, Refrigerator, etc still remain on the “grid”.   As I learn more about what excess capacity I have, I will move more electrical circuits (in the circuit breaker) to the independent  GREEN Power Circuit Break.. and / or expand the system.  It is also notable that I am replacing higher power consuming devices (Power Monsters) … (ie inefficient TV’s, computers, lights) …

… for for more energy efficient (Energy Star) devices in my home.    With this, I am modestly reducing the total energy requirements and power bill for my home (that is running off of GREEN Power).. but without reducing any “quality of life” aspects.  (ie. I’m not starting a campfire in my living-room to cook by or washing my clothes in the river) 🙂


What I have learned this month I’m very excited about..  is I have excess capacity (the GREEN Power that I am using versus what I am capturing daily from the sun and wind has nearly 30% to 40% remaining.  Over the next few months I plan to do some experimenting and see if I can sustain things like moving the Microwave and Washing Machine over to the GREEN Power Circuit Breaker to further reduce my Power Bill.  More to come.

For those “data analytic heads” like myself, see below for a little more detail on the June 2011 power bill (Duke Power) in contrast to they same billing period in June of 2010.

Bill Analysis Report:

The following table compares your selected bill with a previous bill. The ” Power Bill Impacts” column shows how each item – e.g., Billing Days, Average Cost, Use per Day, etc. – contributed to the overall change in your bill.

Selected bill:


Last year:



Selected bill:


Last year:



Total Electric:



* $37.69

Total for this Service Address:



* $37.69

Total Bill:



* $37.69

6/30/2011 Power Bill Highlights

*Energy Charges: Your energy charges were $37.69 lower for this power bill.
*Energy Usage: Your electric usage decreased for this power bill.
*Electric rate/rider: Your electric / rate decreased this month.

Electric Details

Selected bill:


Last year:



Billing Days:

33 days

33 days

No Change

Average Cost per kWh:

$0.0924 / kWh

$0.0919 / kWh

* $1

Average Use per day:

31 kWh / day

44 kWh / day

* $37

Other Charges:



* $0.99

Total Electric:



* $37.69

** The “Other Charges” listed above; typically include state, county and local taxes.

Drum-roll please!

Comparing my June 2010 Power Bill to my June 2011 Power Bill… the Power bill was






28% less!

The bad & the ugly:

I realize this is not 41% like last month, however I expected it to vary slightly with our 100 plus degree days and my A/C working out like it had a YMCA membership.   No one said this would be easy 😉

I do plan to do some other things over the next few months including installing a solar attic fan,research programmable thermostats,   and simply to adjust the temperature a few degrees up and see how that helps address some of my cooling costs.

I am also doing some research on Solar A/C.. yes, you read that right, Solar A/C.  More to come.

Be on the lookout for the July 2011 Power Bill post!

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  1. Gerald McClain says:

    I built a 6000 sf home and installed a ground source heat pump system. Conventional system would have cost $30,000. Ground Source Heat Pump system cost $45,000. Taking the 30% tax credit and $1,800 from the local electric company reduced my cost to $29,700 ($45,000 x .30 =$13,500) plus $1,800 = $15,300. ($45,000-15,300 = $29,700). Savings on a Ground Source Heat Pump ranges from 50-80% on electrical cost. First year average cost was $145 per month for electricity for 6000 Sf = .024 cents per SF.
    Basically the system was paid for during the first month.
    Installed 9 tons of Heat Pump: 2 ton, 3 ton and 4 ton. 6 boreholes 300′ deep with a 1″ Polyethene plastic pipe (same pipe used for Natural gas distribution) will last 100 plus years. Heat pumps use the constant temperature of the earth which is 62 degrees in Oklahoma and raise the temperature up to 75 degrees all year long 365 days a year when temperatures outside maybe 110 degrees or 10 degrees. No outside compressor making noise. Sound like a refrigerator in your home.
    So now I was checking in on buying some solar panels to reduce my monthly electric bill from $145 per month to $75 per month. It would cost me $35,000 to install a solar system and take 22 years to pay it back to save $75 per month. Seems to be it was better to install a ground source heat pump system to reduce my electric need to 50% then buy half as many solar panels to make my home zero energy use. Do you have any suggestions? what was the cost of your solar panels and the number of FS in your home?

  2. Adrian Lee says:

    Good for you! Now if only the equipment for green power is lower in the country that I am or that I am better at D.I.Y.

  3. Jim says:

    I can’t wait to see how “Green Power products” will evolve over the next few years. Keep up the good work!

  4. Harry says:

    Please give more information about Solar A/C as it sounds interesting. It would be better if you would explain your higher bill this month in a little bit more detail in your next post.

  5. Adam says:

    I’m amazed by the efforts you are putting in this Green Power thing.But anyway I appreciate your work as Global warming is a very big threat for our planet and Green Energy is the most important weapon we have against it

  6. Arthur says:

    Although this is my first comment here but I’ve read all of the posts on this blog.I am a little bit surprised that your bill is lower only 28% this month as compared to 41% last month.But with the amount of dedication you have for Green Power I hope that in the future your bill will be much lower than in past

  7. Thanks for being open and sharing your successes and challenges. Keep up the good work.

  8. DC says:

    I see what looks like a healthy river behind your house. If so, would you consider taping this power? Does your area have a guide for water power – so no accidents harm the environment?

    Thank you

    • Hi, thanks for reaching out. I live on the Catawba River in the Charlotte NC area. I have researched different hydro solutions and I’m most definitely interested! One hydro product in particular for residential use that caught my eye is the PowerSpout Hydro Turbine.

      You can watch a YouTube video to learn more about the PowerSpout @

      I still have more research to do, but the concept of Hydro GREEN Power is very intriguing.

      Your friends at
      Like what we are doing? Please share with your friends, family, and those that have sent random friend requests on Facebook & Twitter.

      • David says:

        Thanks for this post.I expect more articles from you on this topic . I’m particularly interested in Hydro Green Power.

      • James says:

        I think you must provide more information on other Green Power sources also like you have provided this link to this Hydro turbine.Hope to listen more from you on this topic.

      • Shanna says:

        I’m really interested to see how this evolves. Best of luck with your off the grid adventure!

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