The Verdict is in – The first GREEN’er Power Bill – May 2011

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This is my first full month power bill since installing a Wind Turbine and Solar GREEN Power solution on my home.

The system partly augments my power bill by segmenting the lower power consumption circuits in my home. Things like my A/C, Dryer, Microwave, Refrigerator, etc still remain on the “grid”.

As I learn more about what excess Power capacity I have, I will move more electrical circuits (in the circuit breaker) to the independent  GREEN Power Circuit Breaker.. and / or expand the system.  It is also notable that I am replacing higher power consuming devices (Power Monsters) … (ie inefficient TV’s, computers, lights) …

… for for more energy efficient (Energy Star) devices in my home.    With this, I am modestly reducing the total energy requirements for my home (that is running from GREEN Power).. but without reducing any “quality of life” aspects.  (ie. I’m not starting a campfire in my living-room to cook by or washing my clothes in the river) 🙂

Many have asked me to share the data and progress on my GREEN Power quest.  So without further ado:

For those “data analytic heads” like myself, see below for a little more detail on the May 2011 power bill (Duke Power) in contrast to they same billing period in May of 2010.

Bill Analysis Report

The following table compares your selected bill with a earlier bill. The “Bill Impacts” column shows how each item – e.g., Billing Days, Average Cost, Use per Day, etc. – contributed to the overall change in your bill.

Selected bill:


Last year:



Total Electric:



* $33.72

Total for this Service Address:



* $33.72

Total Bill:



* $33.72

6/01/2011 Bill Highlights

The highlights listed below had an impact on your bill. These may be the reasons why your bill was higher than you expected.

*Electric Usage: Your electric usage decreased for this bill.
*Energy Charges: Your energy charges were $33.72 lower for this bill
*Electric Rate / Rider: Your electric rate/rider decreased this month.

Electric Details

Billing Days:

29 days

28 days

* $2

Average cost per kWh:

$0.1036 / kWh

$0.0965 / kWh

* $3

Average use per day:

16 kWh / day

30 kWh / day

* $38

Other Charges:



* $0.88

Total Electric:



* $33.72

** The Other Charges listed above are typically include state, county and local taxes.

Usually, changes in usage that are not explained by this analysis are a result of variations in how much you use your appliances.  I know there is also a factor involved with my situation to where I am more conscious of how long I leave something on that is still on the “grid”.  I will be writing a post on “Behavioral GREEN Syndrome” (it’s a good thing to have) to further explain and share what you would likely “catch” as well! (if you haven’t already)

Drum-roll please!

Comparing my May 2010 Power Bill to my May 2011 Power Bill… the Power bill was

41% less!   

Only 59% more to figure out right?  

Be on the lookout for the June 2011 Power Bill!

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  1. Scott says:

    i love your blog, i have it in my rss reader and always like new green things coming up from it.

  2. Vince says:

    A 41% reduction in your Electricity Bill in the first month is really amazing.I hope that within a year you will be totally Independent from Electric Grid

  3. Harry says:

    Thanks for doing this detailed analysis. I will continue to visit this website and as you said in your earlier post that this experiment will be for 12 months. So, after 12 months if I see significant reduction in your electricity bill then I will also switch to Green Power.

  4. Hamzah Kutub says:

    You have really researched a lot about Green Energy.Thanks for doing this analysis for people like me.Please keep writing on this interesting and useful topic

  5. Patrick says:

    It’s great to see this kind of analysis done on solar/wind/green energy. I think these kinds of numbers will make it easier for the “average” consumer to embrace green energy.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for the encouraging feedback! Appreciated. I will continue to track & post the progress to address the remaining 59%. 🙂

      Your friends at
      Like what we are doing? Please share with your friends, family, and those that have sent random friend requests on Facebook & Twitter.

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