Why GREEN Power? The results are in for the July 2011 Power Bill!

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This is the third full month since installing a GREEN Power Wind Turbine and Solar solution on the home.

The system partially augments my power bill by segmenting the lower power consumption circuits in my home.  Things like my A/C, Dryer, Refrigerator, etc still remain on the “grid”.  As I learn more about what excess Power capacity I have, I will move more electrical circuits (in the circuit breaker) to the independent GREEN Power Circuit Breaker.. and / or expand the system.  It is also notable that I am replacing higher power consuming devices (Power Monsters) … (ie inefficient appliances, computers, lights)

Since I have ample unused GREEN Power I decided experiment and add a few more appliances to see how it goes. I’ve ported over the Microwave and Washing Machine.  I’ve been using them both now for a month with normal usage and it has been working very well!  What I am most excited about it.. I still have excess GREEN Power.  


With this, I am modestly reducing the total energy requirements for my home that was running on the “Grid” and now transitioned it to GREEN Power… but without reducing any “quality of life” aspects.

Many have asked, just what is a Power Monster.

1pow·er mon·ster

noun\ˈpau(-ə)r\ ˈmän(t)-stər\

  1 A device or appliances that are not energy efficient (ie Dryer, A/C)

 2 A device that causes phantom load, or leaking electricity, refers to the electric power consumed by electronic appliances while they are switched off or in a standby mode. Some such devices offer remote controls and digital clock features to the user, while other devices, such as power adapter for laptop computers and other electronic devices, consume power without offering any features. This latter case is sometimes distinguished as no load power.

So here are the results of the savings for July 2011 Power Bill in contrast to the same billing cycle last year.

37.2% less!    

Considering how HOT it was in July with 100 plus degree days & A/C running, and in contrast to June at 28%. I’m thrilled!

For those “data analytic heads” like myself, see below for a little more detail on the July 2011 power bill (Duke Power) in contrast to the same billing period in July of 2011.

Bill Analysis Report

Usually, changes in usage that are not explained by this analysis are a result of variations in how much you use your appliances.  I know there is also a factor involved with my situation to where I am more conscious of how long I leave something on that is still on the “grid”.  I will be writing a post on “Behavioral GREEN Syndrome” (it’s a good thing to have) to further explain and share what you would likely “catch” as well! (if you haven’t already)

Account Summary The following table compares your selected bill with a previous bill. The “Bill Impacts” column shows how each item – e.g., Billing Days, Average Cost, Use per Day, etc. – contributed to the overall change in your bill.

Selected bill:


Last year:



Total Electric:




Total for this Service Address:




Total Bill:




8/01/2011 Bill HighlightsThe highlights listed below had an impact on your bill. These may be the reasons why your bill was higher than you expected.
Energy Charges: Your energy charges were $42.91 lower for this bill.
Electric Usage: Your electric usage decreased for this bill.
Electric Rate / Rider: Your electric rate / rider decreased this month.
Billing Period: A shorter billing period decreased your Electric usage for this bill compared to the previous bill.


Electric Details

Selected bill:


Last year:



Billing Days:

29 days

30 days


Average Cost per kWh:

$0.0960 / kWh

$0.0942 / kWh


Average Use per Day:

25 kWh / day

39 kWh / day


Other Charges:




Total Electric:





The GREEN Power system is proving to be very consistent and sustainable and there is still ample power to be leveraged to port other appliances & circuits.

Up and coming GREEN!   So you know about our quest to reduce the power bills.  What you might not know is this fall we will start a separate project to leverage the GREEN Power from the house to charge an electric vehicle (EV) and start commuting. Good bye $4 dollars a gallon!  Stay tuned. Stay GREEN.

A special thanks to all the friends & family, and GREEN advisors, and Industry experts that continue to be so supportive and encouraging.  Thank you!

Exciting News! I fought a Power Monster and won! I have taken on the “entertainment system” at the house.   I share what I did and how it is saving me significantly each month all while increasing the quality of what I’m getting… and if that isn’t enough, it’s all running of the GREEN Power!

Check it out – http://www.whygreenpower.org/solar/death-to-dish-network-birth-to-cloud-tv-whygreenpower-org

A little about us:

WhyGREENPower.org is on a quest to see how far we can push the limits of GREEN Power & technology on a residential home and we ask for your support.  We are a nonprofit & not trying to sell you anything.  We are simply trying to share what we learn about GREEN Power for all to leverage Help us get the word out?  At a minimum, if you wouldn’t mind “following”, forwarding & supporting WhyGREENPower.org on your favorite Social Network, that would be GREATLY appreciated!

What is this all about?:  WhyGREENPower.org shares GREEN alternative energy solutions like solar, wind and other technology to help towards independence from power bills & fuel costs… and even transportation costs.

Who?:  A group of industry GREEN experts have offered their assistance to show that GREEN Power is not onlygood for the earth, but your pocket book as well!

What?:  One of our first projects is to track the progress of one residential home for 12 months to see how far we can takeGREEN Power.  In the first month a savings of 41% was obtained on the first power bill. We will continue to track the progress and share what is learned along the way as we continue to make enhancements and leverage technology.  Did we mention the ROI including all incentives right now is less than 3 years.  Now it’s on to solve for the other 59%!  J

Are we selling anything?:  Simply. No.  Only advocating GREEN Power and sharing what we learn.

Up and coming GREEN!:  So you know about our quest to reduce the power bills.  What you might not know is this fall we will start a separate project to leverage the GREEN Power from the house to charge a electric vehicle (EV). Good bye  $4 dollars a gallon!  Stay tuned. Stay GREEN.

 Have an idea?:  We would love to hear from you.  Have an idea for the a blog post? suggestions@WhyGREENPower.org

Let’s share, learn, and promote GREEN Power!

PS – Did you know?:  The federal Tax Code (HR-1424) is offering, through 2016, a 30% Tax Credit on batteries, panels, wiring, and installation costs associated with a GREEN Power purchase.

Your friends at WhyGREENPower.org,

”Not all who wander are lost…” – j.r.r. Tolkien


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  1. Lisa says:

    It would be really nice if we could put solar panels on the roof of our houses, but some how we have to change the local town planning scheme in order for the average house hold to put solar panels on their roofs so they can benefit from free sun power.

  2. Eddieimbiz says:

    In South East Asia, Make green power at home like homemade solar panel is not as common as US or Euro Market. But the potential market is certainly good here.

  3. Adrian says:

    I am always interested in the cost of living in countries other than mine. In my country, although we have a great many natural resources, the majority of the technology and many essential goods are imported. It does not make sense to me why we pay the equivalent of $7 (dollar to dollar comparison) for a gallon of petrol when we produce petrol in our state.

    Our electrical bill averages $120 per month for a small apartment. I use energy saving appliances whenever I can. Higher initial cost but I believe it works out in the mid term.

  4. Good for you! Our bill for July was $77.90. Before we installed our solar panels and reinsulated the house. Over $200.

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